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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory. ERROR in NVRAM sizing. NVRAM could be bad!

We are using a 3640 router and we are receiving the following errors.
00:00:01: %C3600-3-BADNV: Detected invalid NVRAM size: -2056 bytes
00:00:01: %IFS-3-FS_CREATE_FAIL: Failed to create nvram file system, no NVRAM present"

Troubleshooting tips

1) Try to compress running configuration
2) Delete any IOS images that are not supported by means of memory resources to the router (customer has 1 IOS that requires more DRAM memory than the router really has)
Perform these sh commands:
  • sh process cpu
  • sh process memory
  • sh memory sum
  • sh stacks
3) Backup startup config to local computer
4) perform erase startup command

5) reload router

6) Track if problem re-occures

If problem still exists, modify confreg and set x2142 to override reading startup configuration from NVRAM.

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