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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cisco Nexus and 6500

We are running a single 6509 at the data center . We are looking to upgrade. We are debating whether we should continue with the 6500 platform or move to the Nexus platform. We like to be able to support 10Gig with the new platform. Also we like to be able to have the foundation to support future initiatives and the SAN environment (may be merging the SAN environment in the future). What are details available about the Nexus Data Center Space ? We have two FWSMs running in the 6509, will modules work with Nexus ?


1. The Cisco Nexus series of Data Center switches are specifically designed and architected for the data center of the future, which will involve the unification of data and storage fabrics (ISCSI or FCOE), I/O consolidation using 10G (40 and 100G are around the corner), VN-Link, SR-IOV, NPIV (this is part of the storage virtualization you mention), CEE and other data center virtualization technologies and enhancements.
2. The Nexus can also be part of a larger ecosystem that includes Cisco fabric extenders, like the 2100, which can be leveraged instead of TOR switches, as well as EOR switches for inter-rack routing and services positioning, such as SSL offloading, firewalling, load balancing, etc. Take note that the Nexus switches do not support chassis EDIT service EDIT modules, so you will need separate appliances.
3. The deployment of a Nexus implies much more than just a simple switch upgrade; it is part of a wholistic data center solution that reflects a roadmap for the next 5 years at least.

Referred modules are like the FWSM or CSM, etc. To work with Nexus you will need to separate appliances.

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