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Friday, June 11, 2010

CUCM HUNG AND DISPLAYS THE MESSAGE "EXT3-fs error (device sd(8,6)) in start_transaction: Journal has aborted" IN CONSOLE

We have a CUCM 7825 I4 with CUCM 6.1.2000-2 and sometimes the server goes to an undetermined state and we can't acces neither by console nor http, but we see this message in the console: EXT3-fs error (device sd(8,6)) in start_transaction: Journal has aborted. We have to reboot the server for recover the server. Can someone help with this issue?

Unfortunately as of June 8th 2010 This issue was tracked to a firmware problem on the hard drives.

  1. Shut down the server, and remove the first hard drive until a final fix is available.
  2. If server still fails, try switching to the other drive.
  3. Watch during boot up for any errors which might indicate hardware failure (SMART errors in particular).
  4. If server stills fails on 2nd drive, leave one drive in, and reinstall CUCM.
Please click here (you will need to log into to access this) for the firmware update from Cisco. download the readme and iso for 7828h3-hddfwupdate-v11 under the MCS 7828-H3 Unified Communications Manager Appliance.

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