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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How do you implement announcements in cluster of 3 CUCM 7.1.3?

We started the IP Voice media streaming service on the 2 subscribers and we have got 2 annunciator correctly registered. How do we configure the following?

- the announcements are active as soon we activate the IP Voice media streaming service. Do we configure on the "Route Pattern" page in the "block this pattern" drop down menu or is there other place to configure them? The official documentation is not clear about it.

- we would like to choose when to activate an announce: for example when a DN calls an unregistered or non-existent DN. It's possible to do that ?

The announcements are active as soon as you enable the IPVMS and get the ANN's registered. You cannot configure/modify the actual annunciator prompts in the appliance model versions of CUCM. You can cause an annunciator message to be played using a Route Pattern (in the way you suggest) or by using a translation pattern (in a similar fashion). The unallocated/unassigned message is "automatically" available for stations registered to your CUCM. Meaning, you don't need to configure it. Well, aside from making sure that the annunciator media resource is exposed to the phone/gateway via the media resource group list configuration parameters in your cluster. If you do not place the ANN's in a MRG then you should be fine.

Please click here for documentation on configuring the Announcements in CUCM.

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