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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to create hunt pilot number displayed on local call ?

We have CUCMBE 7.1.3 and hunt pilot number 6000 .Hunt group members are 6001 and 6002. If we make a call to outside, we can use calling party's External Phone number Mask. When we make a call from 6001 to outside number, called number will see the number as 6000. But if we make a call from 6001 to ext 600x (ext to ext), called number will see the origin number (6001). How do we make the called number see the origin number as 6000?

Run all calls from that extension through a translation pattern. For example:
  1. Ext 6001 currently has CSS 'XXX' (replace XXX with whatever partition name you have assigned)
  2. Create a new Partition 'PT_XXX_CLI_6000'
  3. Create a new CSS 'CSS_XXX_CLI_6000', with just the new partition ONLY as a member
  4. Add a translation pattern to PT_XXX_CLI_6000' with ! as the pattern, and CSS 'XXX' (the original CSS) as the CSS for the translation pattern. Set the 'calling party mask' to 6000.
  5. Assign CSS_XXX_CLI_6000 to ext 6001
  6. The result will be that any calls from ext 6001 (or any lines that are assigned the CSS_XXX_CLI_6000) to go through the translation pattern and have their calling number modified by it. They are then subject to the original CSS from the configuration as that is applied to the CSS.

Below are some of the points that needs to be noted:

  • This doesn't work if you have your extensions internally in the partition, as they will always match before the translation pattern.
  • If you have routing/blocking CSSs on the phones, replace the routing CSS

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