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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to enable routing between HWIC-4ESW and Onboard FE on cisco 1841 router..?

We have a cisco 1841 router, recently i have purchased HWIC-4ESW slot for my router. The module is working fine i could able to see additional FE ports(fe0/0/0,fe0/0/1...).Now problem comes in routing i.e. these HWIC-4ESW ports and Onboard FEs are not communicating.If any bode knows the solution kindly let me know the configuration details.

Configuration steps
  1. Create your layer 2 vlans in the vlan database .
  2. Configure the corresponding layer 3 SVI on the router itself .
  3. On the 4 port hwics you cannot make them a routed port like some of the other hwics , SVI's must be used for the layer 3 definition.
router# vlan database
vlan 2
conf t
int vlan 2
ip address

no shut

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