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Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to limit rate in our internet access for Cisco 2600?

We are about to order a 10mb internet circuit with a 2600 router from my isp. We have a 3560e cisco switch on the outside of the firewall and a 3560e switch on the inside of the firewall connecting to reset of my LAN. Our problem is that we need to rate the 10mb pipe. We would like to have 1.5m to a VLAN x.x.x.x and 2.5mb to another vlan x.x.x.x so on so on. should we use CAR, ACL or rate limit commands? Can someone make a recommendation?

If you are planning to configure QoS only on the 3560 switch then you have few options: MQC or rate-limit. With MQC, you can use the police option within the policy-map while with rate-limit, you can place the command directly on the SVI. They both provide the same feature and the rate-limit requires less typing:

interface vlan xrate-limit output 1496000 93750 187500 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop to limit the interface to 1.5Mbps out to anywhere, not just the internet.

If you want to limit just the internet but allow more bandwidth for other destination from that source, then you need a combination of MQC along with an ACL.

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