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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to update Bulk UDP in CUCM 7.1.3?

We have over 3000 User Device Profiles that need the User Hold MOH Audio Source field changed back to on CUCM 7.1.3. We need to update not the line but the device profile itself. How can we do a bulk update for UDPs?


We can address this issue via the AXL API, or by directly updating the DB.

A rudimentary tool that can do this sort of thing can be found in the following link :

Essentially the input CSV file you would need would have two entries for each UDP:






A lot of lines, but should be able to whip this up in Excel - by exporting all UDP names from CCM , or a subset, or whatever. It will be easier to create two files with one line for each UDP, and then search/replace networkHold for userHold, and run the two files separately.

Always do a single-line input file first to verify your spelling/results.

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