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Monday, June 14, 2010

Is it possible to initiate a dhcp-request over different ip-segments over the llc-layer?

Is there a config like ip-helper on cisco devices? dhcp-server and client are in different ip-segments. See details in the capture-file (wireshark) -- set filter: eth.addr == 08:00:09:F2:2a:61

When the dhcp-server and the client are in the same ip-segment we don't see any problems. How can we enforce the nw-device, that all boot-request from this ip-segment (rmp-protokol) should be send to the dhcp-server?

Remote Maintenance Protocol (RMP) is an HP-proprietary boot and file transfer protocol used in early Series 700 workstations and in the Datacommunications and Terminal Controllers (DTC/9000). The rbootd daemon allows BOOTP servers to serve clients that use RMP. rbootd must be run on a BOOTP server on the same subnet as the RMP client. That is, both rbootd and bootpd must run on the same system.#####
The rbootd daemon translates RMP bootrequests into a BOOTP bootrequest using the client's hardware address. rbootd then forwards the bootrequest to bootpd. bootpd can send a bootreply back to rbootd if it finds the client's boot information in its database. Or, it can relay the bootrequest to other BOOTP servers if it has relay information for the client in its database. rbootd translates the BOOTP bootreply back to RMP and sends it to the client.###

Please click here for more details on Booting RMP Clients.

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