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Thursday, June 24, 2010

NBMA and using the EIGRP and OSPF, Why is it not possible to use RIP, IS-IS and IGRP

Why can't we use RIP, IS-IS and IGRP when we are using NBMA like FrameRelay or X.25 ?We are using EIGRP and OSPF with NBMA.

Solutions :

  1. OSPF and EIGRP are recommended for NBMA but you can use for example RIP if you disable split horizon on hub router as you need to do with EIGRP.
  2. IGRP is legacy and not supported in modern IOS images
  3. ISIS hasn't an NBMA network mode that is present in OSPF. This makes OSPF to be preferred.
  4. However, in ISIS is possible to configure a feature called mesh group that may be useful in dealing with NBMA
  5. ISIS worked over NBMA but only in a fully-mesh topology as it supports only pt-2-pt or broadcast network type.
  6. If you can't send multicast update, you can switch to unicast update (neighbor + passive interface commands). Also if you have a lot of neighbor and are sending multicast updates, you may have to tune the broadcast queue.
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