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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Upgrade from CUCM 7.1(2) to 7.1(3) fails. Error encountered: An unknown error occurred while accessing the upgrade file

We are trying to upgrade a cluster which consists of a publisher and a subscriber. I am running 7.1.2-10000-16 and want to upgrade to 7.1.3-32900-4. When we use the upgrade file which has been checked for the correct MD5Hash, the file loads and the upgrade starts. After around 30mins the upgrade fails with the following error - "Error encountered: An unknown error occurred while accessing the upgrade file"

Troubleshooting tips
  1. Make sure only one file exists in the SFTP server directory that you point CUCM to for upgrade files via the OS administration page
  2. Ensure that the file you are accessing is in a dedicated folder path with no other upgrade files in it
  3. With only the specific 7.1(3) upgrade file in this path, attempt to download the upgrade file again by starting the installation process.

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1 comment :

  1. mmmm i tryied this with ftp and fail
    and another, I think that, if this is a ISO into a DVD, all iso creating a structure into the DVD media, then i don´t understand - how i have only one file into dvd...only the ISO file in there or copy like iso into DVD media.


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