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Monday, June 28, 2010

Where can we get interim release code for ASA or ASA

We have a 5510 fail over pair that needs to be upgraded to address some security vulnerabilities. The security advisory can be found here - Specifically addressing the NTLM vulnerability.

The issue is that the NTLM is addressed by 8.2(2.1) and we see 8.2.2.ED available for download. The advisory recommends 8.2(2.4), but we like to avoid interim releases if possible. Is 8.2(2.1) same as 8.2.2.ED on the download site.


  • is not the same as 8.2.2ED.You will need to upgrade to at least interim to get around the NTLM vulnerability. The latest available interim is
  • For interim releases not available on CCO you need to contact Cisco TAC to publish it for you.
  • Some interims can be found here and here.
  • Note that this requires a CCO ID with software download privileges and and interim images were not released.

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