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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hiding the softkey CFA on 89xx and 99xx Cisco phones

We can't apply a specific softkey template on the phones 89xx and 99xx .We want to hide the softkey "CFA" which is present by default on the phones (for example, managers must not use this softkey to avoid issues with their call filtering system : line forwarded to the assistant...).Do we have the choice if we don't want to use these default softkeys (remove "CFA" softkey for example) ?

Regarding the 89XX and 99XX softkey settings, these can be controlled in the following location:

* Device > Phone > Common Phone Profile
* Device > Device Settings > Common Phone Profile > Feature Control Policy
* Device > Device Settings > Feature Control Policy

Through the Common Phone profile assigned to a phone you can control what softkeys are displayed.

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