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Friday, July 23, 2010

How can we add new cisco unified IP Phone 9951 in CUCM 7.0.2?

We have a Cluster of Cisco Unified Communication Manager Version (Publisher and Subscriber) .And We have a Cisco Unified IP Phone 9951 and like to add this to the CUCM. How can we add this new Cisco unified IP Phone 9951 in CUCM?


  1. 9951 is not available as a phone model on CUCM 7.0.2.
  2. You will need 7.1(3a)su1 at a minimum .Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 and 9900 Series.
  3. Before using the Cisco Unified IP Phone with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you must Install the latest firmware on all Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers in the cluster.
  4. Note You can install Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.1(3) or 7.1(3a). After you install one of these releases, you must install Cisco Unified Communications Manager*** 7.1(3a)su1. ***
  5. Please click here for the Release Notes for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 7.1(3a)

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