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Friday, July 30, 2010

How can we ugrade the call manager 4.0(2a) to CUCM 8.0?

We have a Call manager 4.0(2a) and want to upgrade to CUCM 8.0?Is there a path for this?

You need to go to 4.1(3) or 4.2(3) as the first hop.Then to a 6.X or 7.X, and then finally to 8.X.
Supported Cisco Unified Communications Manager Upgrades.Please click here for the document. It is not advised for a direct upgrade. Reach our licensing team at and they can help you migrate the licenses, they'll let you know what info they need.

You need to know the MAC address from the licensing server (PUB usually) so until you know it, don't reach them as the license is binded to it. Please click here for Data Migration Assistant User Guide Release 6.0(1)

DMA assists you with the first step in migrating Cisco Unified Communications Manager data from versions 4.1(x) and 4.2(x) to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0(1) by backing up this data in a format that Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0(1) can read.

You always need to be in the latest release of whatever train you're on. In the early days DMA lacked validation for this and you could get a DMA file from a 4.1(2) or a 4.2(1) CCM. Later this was enforced so you couldn't run DMA on any of those versions. Usually the versions are related to features is the upgrade path you can use.That is 6.1(5)/7.1(5) are closer to 8.5(1) feature wise than previous 6.X or 7.X releases, so it's easier to upgrade.

But notice that they are the latest releases for their trains.

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