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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How do we create a L2L IPSEC on ASA (8.3)?

We have a Cisco ASA(running 8.3) and a cisco router( which supports IPSEC vpn) and the ASA has a static internet address, whilst the router has a dynamic.If we create a L2L IPSec tunnel between the two how would this work?

Can we use a solution such as dynamic DNS and then use that DNS name as the Tunnel Group name and the ASA will do a DNS lookup to see if it matches any phase 1 packets from a peer matching that ip. Can this be done on some cisco routers?

Does the ASA accept all connections from any peer address like it does with a RA tunnel?

It is suggested to use certificates + dynamic map in this case. Same way you would do in case of two routers.You can match the certifcate to a particular tunnel group (by OU) or tunnel group matching + certificate maps.You can apply match on dynamid crypto map to match the proxy identities.

For DNS resolution - it has not been implemented.

Please click here for more information (requires Cisco login)

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