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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Problem in connecting 2950

We have a 2950 that connects fine to an old d-link. Now, however, we're putting in a wlan .The d-link has to go as it doesn't recognize vlans (a really old switch).

We replaced the d-link with another 2950 and set the connecting ports on both 2950's to switch port mode trunk. We are not able to get a connection. When we did a show int or switch it shows the port down (no shut command doesn't work either).

Check the cable because 2950 will not do auto cross.If you connect two switches together, they will require a cross over cable.Check the port configurations on each switch. If one port is forced to trunk, and one set to switch port mode access, the two will not link.

By default, the ports on a 2950 are set to auto, so if the switches have had no changes to any of the ports, the two should link with a properly connected crossover cable.

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