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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Problem in upgrading 7921 to 1.3.4sr1 on UCM 7.1.5

We tried upgrading the 7921 phones from 1.3.3 to 1.3.4sr1. The UCM server has version 7.1.5.
  1. USB --> 99% and it just stops (stopped other nic's of the pc).
  2. Wifi --> same
  3. TFTP UCM --> tried the SGN file (stopped the tftp service), changed the device defaults.
  4. We uploaded the file in the root. Phone gives a error. The error says "Can't download image"
  5. We also tried the unpack the .TAR file and uploaded the .load file to UCM. Changed the device default settings. But the same error remains.
Upgrade to 1.3.3 worked fine.Tried several 7921 phones.

Debugging option

The .COP.SGN file should be installed through the OS Administration Install/Upgrade software mechanism. These statements sound as if you are manually uploading files to the TFTP server which will not work. Please click here for Cisco's and make sure that you do the publisher first so Informix gets updated.

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