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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Problems in connecting VPN client on ipad to ASA- How do we monitor the ASA log?

We are trying to get the ipad to VPN to our Cisco ASA5520. We have all of the settings correct on both ends (We are able to vpn to the ASA using a Cisco871 as the remote client). For some reason the VPN client on the ipad isn't even getting to the ASA. How can we monitor the ASA logs to see if the connection is even being attempted and possibly find the failure?


Try:-debug crypto isakmp

debug crypto ipsec

sh vpn-sessiondb remote ( to see if client is connected )

We configured ipad for remote vpn client , the user was able to connect to the 5520 but for some reason we had to use ip addresses to access but couldnt use internal dns names.

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  1. hi guys,

    which vpn client did u use on ipad?


  2. This is a good read. It can improve outsourced help desk


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