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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Problems with FWSM 3.2(2)

We have FWSM with s/w 3.2(2). While we create the access list an error message appeared :

"ERROR: Unable to add, access-list config limit reached"

ThisFWSM single not multiple , we can't find the "resource acl-partition " command although it is found in the guide. Is this command applied only for multiple context? if yes , what are the method that can be used to solve this problem in single FW?

You can do "show resource usage".

Or "sh access-list | i element".

You are probably close to the 3.2 ACL limit (75K). Yes - the 'resource acl-partition' is supported only in multi-context mode. When you look at the Command Reference Guide, you will see that there is a dot only under the 'System' context in the Multiple Context mode. This implies that the command is only available via the System context:

Please click here for more details on Resource acl partition.

If you are seeing this issue on a single context FWSM, your only means of recourse are to reduce the number ACL entries that you have. This may be best accomplished by combining host access-lists entries into subnet entries. Any approach that you can use to make your access-lists "less specific" will oftentimes reduce the amount of resources that the ACL takes up.

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