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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Selecting route to Internet on MPLS

We have multiple sites connecting to an MPLS cloud. All sites are running BGP. The two main locations, site A and site B, have an Internet connection. The three branch locations, sites C, D and E, are without their own local Internet connection and are getting access through a site that does.

We would like to be able to have branch site C access the Internet through main site A, and branch sites D and E access the Internet through main site B. Please see the attached image to clarify this scenario.

Right now main site B is known on the MPLS cloud as the primary route to the Internet, and main site A is known as a secondary route to the Internet. This setup is working fine, we would just like to implement this new level of complexity. Is it possible to implement it successfully?

Only the SP could do this you cannot do it working on CE nodes only. TSP could increase local preference for the route learned by PE of site A (on PE node serving site C) to have it chosen locally as the best path to default route instead of SiteB.

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