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Saturday, July 31, 2010

What are the Cisco Phone Features to work with 9951 phone?

We have 9951 phone on the CM 7.1.(3a) su1 and even video calls, but noticed that there is not a place in UCM to apply a softkey template and several features are missing such as DND, Park, Meetme, SNR, am we are missing something in the form of a patch. How can we get the Cisco Phone Designer to work with these phones?


Feature Buttons and Softkeys. Please click here for the detailed table.

Table 7-4 provides information about some of the features that are available on softkeys, some that are available on dedicated feature buttons, and some that you need to configure as programmable feature buttons. An "X" in the table indicates that the feature is supported for the corresponding button type or softkey. Of the two button types and softkeys, only programmable feature buttons require configuration in Cisco Unified IP Phone administration.

Note: The Cisco Unified IP Phone 8961, 9951, and 9971 does not use softkey templates in Cisco Unified Communications Manager administration.

Please click here for additional information Cisco Unified IP Phone 8961, 9951, and 9971 Administration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.1

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