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Thursday, July 1, 2010

What are the procedures to Upgrade from CUCM 7.0(2a) to 7.1(5)

We have 1 Publisher and 2 Subscribers.We tried upgrading from 4.2(1) to 7.0(2a) and we found a bug with the IPCC and so like to upgrade to 7.1(5).

What is the procedure to do this and also want to know when we have to reboot them?

Upgrade Steps
  1. Install patch in all, do not reboot after install on each server.Once the patch is installed in all servers.
  2. then you can start switching versions
  3. Start with PUB, wait until it fully comes up, then 1st SUB, wait until it comes up, 2nd SUB...
  4. Another thing you need to consider is that after this upgrade you'll have to wait until CUCM 8.5 is released if you want to go to 8.X.
  5. If you need to upgrade to 8.0 in the very near future then go to 7.1(3) instead.
Please click here for the software upgrades link

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