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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where can we find SCCP Version in CUCM 7.0?

  1. The version is 17. Please click here for documentation on Network support for UCM7.x and SCCPv17.
  2. The version of SCCP is not determined by the CUCM, it's actually determined by whatever Firmware is loaded on the phone. If you want to find out what version of SCCP a phone is running, the best way I found was to create a test CME lab. Once the phone is registered with CME, then do a 'show ephone' command and it will display the SCCP version that phone's firmware is communicating with. The output looks like this:
ephone-1 Mac:XXXX.XXXX.XXXX TCP socket:[1] activeLine:0 REGISTERED in SCCP ver 17 and Server in ver 5
mediaActive:0 offhook:0 ringing:0 reset:0 reset_sent:0 paging 0 debug:0
IP:X.X.X.X 23648 7911 keepalive 132 max_line 2 dual-line
button 1: dn 1 number 2001 CH1 IDLE CH2 IDLE
Note: This command also works when phones are in SRST fallback mode, and you will see the version of SCCP as well.

As of CUCM 7.1(3), the latest firmware for most phones is 8.5(3) which does run SCCP version 17. But if you download the latest firmware for some phones, they are running SCCP version 19!

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