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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cisco 881G Router cannot find boot image

Our Cisco 881G router cannot find its' IOS image after enabling the global command secure boot-image.

R# dir flash:

-- IOS image listed along with all the other files in flash- This is normal and the way it is suppose to function.

conf t

secure boot-image



R# dir flash:

-- no IOS image found but all other files remain -This is normal and the way it is suppose to function.

R# Perform a power reset

cannot find image

rommon 1 >

rommon 1 > i

cannot find image

rommon 2 > boot

cannot find image

rommon 3 > boot flash:

cannot find image

rommon 4 >

confreg 0x2142


cannot find image

rommon 1 >

rommon 1> i

cannot find image


It is suspected that the IOS image name is hidden under a file name that probably starts with a dot character, just like "hidden" files in Unix systems. Regarding the upgrade of the ROMMON itself, the sequence is described here.

The bigger problem, however, is that I was not able to find any upgrade ROMMON for your router 881. There are upgrade ROMMONs for different 800 models but not for 88x. Of course, they are not interchangeable (or at least we should not assume that they are).

Do you have a support contract with Cisco? If yes we suggest very strongly to contact them. This may be quite out of our reach to solve.

You can try copying the IOS image on a usb flash drive and plug it in an available usb port on the router. Then enter 'dev' command to see if the router recognized the flash drive.

To boot from usb try 'boot or'. Once the router boots up then copy the ios image form the usb to the internal flash: drive and you are all set.

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  1. An 881G cisco router, not recognize password and user and I cant logging on it!


    please response

  2. When you enable the secure boot-image, the IOS disapears from the dir flash:
    but you can see it with the command "show secure boot-image"
    Check the link

    Hope that it helps.




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