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Friday, August 27, 2010

Cisco Unity Connection 7.1.5-Default setting of voicemail.

We just installed unity connection 7.1.5. A small problem, when users hear their voicemail, the conversation tells them the time the message was sent and after they are done listening the message, the conversation tells them again about when the message was sent.

Example:- You have 1 new message, 1 for new message, message from XXXX sent at 4:35 PM, <> sent at 4:35

Is this default behavior in new Unity. Am I missing a enterprise parameter setting?
Another issue is that we are looking for an answer for a shared mailbox. We have an extension that we want to share across five phones and when someone leaves a message in this mailbox, the MWI should work accordingly on all five extensions.


Playback Message Settings guide can be found here.

After Playing Each Message, Play

Check the Time the Message Was Sent check box to have Cisco Unity Connection announce the time that the message was recorded by the caller.

Default setting: Check box checked.

As for the MWI you can set more than one MWI for a subscriber, just add the other phones you want to get the MWI under the mailbox you need this. The link also has the MWI section of the subscribers and how to add them.

Just to add a note to the above tips .These settings can be configured under the individual user (Edit> Message Playback) or under the User Template (Message Playback)

For the second question:

You will just need to tweak the Message Lamp Setting in CUCM for the xxxx (Shared line) Line appearance on the IP Phones.

For the Line Setting on xxxx (on each phone that has the Shared Line)- Line Settings for this Device - Changes affect only this device. Message Waiting Lamp Policy - Light and Prompt

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  1. For the shared mailbox feature, this sounds like a good candidate for Dispatch Messaging. Dial the dispatch number and leave a message and all recipients of the distribution list get their own copy of the message, lighting their MWIs. As soon as one recipient accepts the message it's removed for all others, turning their MWIs off.
    No need to access more than 1 mailbox, no password sharing, much cleaner solution.
    Note that this is limited in scope to a single node or cluster, though, so all recipients must be on the same box.


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