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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Does CUE AA or IVR script support the recording of a voice message and send to a users' mailbox

We have a CUCME with a CUE and we have the following call flow:

The caller dials the PSTN number and the Auto-attendant prompts him to enter the extension he wants to reach. The phones are forwarded on No Answer to Voice Mail and the caller can record the message that he wants. We need to give the caller after the Ring No Answer timeout the option to choose whether to dial another extension or record a message in the voice mail. Can we do this using an AA script or IVR script on Cisco Unity Express.


What you want is zero-out to AA during Voice Mail.

Step 1. Have users re-record their personal greeting, saying "to return to Auto Attendant, press 0". Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a system wide announcement for that.

Step 2. In CUE, configure VM operator number to be AA number. The default caller-input action of pressing 0 will transfer the call back to AA without leaving a message.

Note: for a variety of reasons, it is not really possible to do differently, even using a custom CUE script.

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