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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

G711 local calls and G729 between branches

We have one main site and we are planning to have 300 branches. We want to have G711 codec to be between phones when they call local and G729 over the WAN. We have unity server on main site serving main site users only and i have CUE on each branch to serve each branch.

All our branch users will be registered to main site where we have centralized call processing (CUCM cluster).If we have to create one region for each branch and each branch will contact the other branches then it will end up with 300 relationships for each region. What is the recommended way to have G711 localy and G729 over the WAN ?

Since you want g711 intra-region. You will need to have each site in it's own region, so that you can set the site to 711 inside the region, and 729 between. If you were okay with g729 intra-region, then you could get by with 1 or two regions set to g729 for everything.CUCM should be fine with that many regions, though. You can use something like BAT to add all the regions. Each remote site is likely going to need it's own CSS and route patterns anyway.

From a configuration standpoint all you do is set intra-region to g711, and then have the default between regions (enterprise service parameter, I think) set to g729. So from a configuration perspective it isn't too bad.

You'd need transcoders at every site if you did g729 intraregion. If you had all of your subscribers on Unity at the HQ, you could get by with a transcoder farm all located at the HQ site and use this solution.
To set the default inter region traffic to G729 through Enterprise service parameter

Intraregion Audio Codec Default

If you are turning up 300 branch sites, you may want to consider looking into Cisco Unified Provisioning Manager. You can probably talk to your account team more in regards to if that would fit your business needs.

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