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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How can we add L2TPv3 redundancy to the router?

We have two data centers at different sites. We have two WAN connections and two WAN routers on each end for redundancy. We currently have one router at each end configured with a L2TPv3 tunnel extending a vlan104 across the two sites.

What is the recommended way to add a L2TPv3 tunnel to my redundant routers?We are cautious to simply pin up another L2 tunnel since we are thinking that spanning tree won't like having two L2 connections across the WAN. You can extend the same VLAN to your redundant routers and tweak with STP parameters to make one router/link primary and the other secondary.

If your network is MPLS enabled then you can look for enabling ATOM L2VPN as there is a feature called "Pseudowire redundancy" which would be ideal for your requirement. Pseudowire redundancy is not applicable for L2TPv3 based VPNs. Please click here for the L2VPN Pseudowire Redundancyfeatures guide.

You can manipulate the port cost under the interfaces in switch with
interface fax/x
spanning-tree vlan cost - For Specific VLAN (or)
spanning-tree - For all VLANs
This way the port with higher cost become secondary and with lower one become primary.

Please click here for the document that explains basic STP configuration and understanding. Also please click here to refer the document with more information on STP configuration.

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