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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How can we check if crashinfo is configured on Cisco 6509?

On 6509 with dual sup 32 and 720 is crashinfo file is enabled by default on the running config
or do we need to configure this option on switch. How can we check in running config if crashinfo is configured or not ?

Crashinfo is enabled by default on IOS. There is no configuration to manually enable/disable . By default crash file is enabled and info is saved to bootflash only if it has sufficient free memory .

To add to what's already been said, on a Cisco 3600 series only, there is a way to disable the creation of crashinfo files via the no exception crashinfo file device:filename command. Please click here to refer for more information on CFR Commands.

You can configure the exception crashinfo maximum files command, however, on a Cisco IOS device to automatically delete old crashinfo files. This functionality helps the device create space to write the new crashinfo files when the device crashes. This feature also allows you to configure the number of most recent crashinfo files on a device to be saved when no file system has enough space in which to write new crashinfo files.

This feature was introduced in IOS version 12.3(11)T. This feature is useful when there isn't enough space available across the device's file systems to write new crashinfo files.

Please click here to refer for more information.

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