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Monday, August 23, 2010

How can we integrate Nortel phones with Cisco call manager phones?

We have existed voice infrastructure (Nortal based), and we just bought Cisco solution (unified communication manager version 7), is there any way that we can integrate the nortal phones with call manager phones and integrate them as one network.

It is going to depend on what kind of Nortel solution you have. If you have a new IP based or hybrid you can use sip trunks (or even sip proxy). For the old method with simple TDM based Nortel Option 11/81 PBX would be to use a PRI between the two (with QSIG as your signaling protocol).

Essentially insert a Cisco gateway with T1 PRI ports in the middle. Connect your Nortel to the Gateway on one side, and your Call manager to the Gateway on the other side.

Please click here for the document.

(note, CS1000 is in this doc, but older Option 11/81 integrate same way.

Please click here for another document.

(sip trunk between CS1000 and call manager).

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