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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How does the hot swappable modules get config in 6500 switches

On cisco 6500 switches when we replaced line cards we know that they are hot swappable.That means when we install the modules they are plug and play.How do the new line cards get the config back from supervisor?

  • The config is on the NVRAM, so when you replace a module the config is still applies to that module as long as you put the new module in the same slot as the old one.The line cards have memory/buffer but do not hold configs. Config is on the SUP module.
  • The hardware replacement has to be the same. For example: if you have a 10/100/1000 copper card and it has gone bad, replace it with same exact line card not with a 10/100 card, because not all features are supported in all modules. As long as you do an exact replacement in the same exact slot number, you should be fine and should see the config restored.
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