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Monday, August 9, 2010

ICM 7.5-how to get individual outbound dialer calls talktime and respective ECC values?

Can you please help us with the following?
  1. Outbound dialer calls talktime in each call.
  2. Each calls respective ECC values.
We tried to get talktime from TCD table it’s shows zero value.How do we get the values mentioned above?

You can use the PeripheralCallType in the TCD table to find dialer calls. Look for calls with:

* PeripheralCallType IN ('27','28','29','30','31') for reservation calls and
* PeripheralCallType IN ('32','33','34','35') for the customer calls
* For duration of reservation calls look at the HoldTime value
* For duration of the customer call you can look at the HoldTime + TalkTime + WorkTime for a total handle time for the customer leg of the dialer call

If you want to look at the ECC variables that were associated with that call you will have to lookup the Termination_Call_Variable table matching:
* Termination_Call_Variable.TCDRecoveryKey = Termination_Call_Detail.RecoveryKey

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