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Sunday, August 15, 2010

IP Phones SPA942 LinkSys are compatiblity and Configuration

Is IP Phones SPA942 LinkSys are compatible with Call Manager 7.X, and if yes how we can configure it.

  • The SPA900 series are qualified for use with CUCM .They would be added as third party SIP devices.Please click here for Third-Party SIP Phone Configuration Checklist.
  • The Linksys IP Phones: SPA962, SPA942 and SPA922 utilize different API not compatible with Call Manager, but can use as a generic SIP device. The SPA900's utilize another API based on the SIP protocol which exposes all phone features. The only application that utilizes this API is Call Ctrl and essentially any function on the phone can be initiated from the Windows desktop. Click to Dial, Transfer, Conference, Hold/Resume (with moh), End Call, etc. Redial, Incoming, Speed Dial and Custom Directories are available. Also supported are AddIn for Outlook and Internet Explorer.
  • Please click here to dowload the trial version.

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