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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Problems with ISP- Two different ISP Failover

  1. We have two different ISP and Two different public ip.
  2. We have One cisco 1841 router and the router connected to ASA.
  3. Nat is happening in ASA.
  4. SMTP,WEB servers are nated in primary ISP IP.

Now we want to make high availability network, if one ISP link is down second ISP will up and my servers accessible from outside.We need some suggestions.

Please find below diagram for reference.


Tips: Basically if you are going to have a primary shadow relationship between two ISP's you will need to get a BGP ASN as well as an network that would be honored, meaning routed by the secondary ISP. If your primary ISP cannot provide you enough address space to be routed by your secondary ISP then you will need to go to your Internet Registry and request a block of IPs that will be sizable enough to be routed by the secondary ISP. Other wise Dynamic DNS and static routing is your likely fall back.

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