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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Replacing the Router with a higher throughput

We have 4 branch offices connected through 100mbps link with Cisco 2600 routers which has the throughput of 15mbps.

Now we are planning to replace these routers with Cisco 2901G2 ISR routers which has the throughput of 167mbps.

So if we e replace the routers at one location is it going to put more load on other routers as the new routers can handle more traffic than other 2600 routers? Should we replace all routers at once?


It is possible that new router in one location will send out more traffic to other branches if users sends out more traffic from this new location to other location.

But, you can prevent this with shaping policy applied to your new router's outgoing interface if you experience this issue.

int G0/0

service-policy pm-shape out

policy-map pm-shape

class class-default

shape average 15000000

So, It is suggested the you should replace one location first and monitor.

If you find congestion on other location as new router sends out more than 15 mbps, then you can apply above shape policy to restrict new router's capability until all locations are upgraded.

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