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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cannot call outside of our network when I move the number from a Cisco 7940 Series phone

In our Cisco Unified Communications Manager installation, we have just tried to make a Cisco IP Communicator phone work.We have taken the phone number from our Cisco IP Phone (with the phone number 1595) and installed and configured a Cisco IP Communicator phone instead (with the phone number 6651478).

Now we have renamed my old 1595 number to 15951, and renamed the 6651478 number to 1595. In this way the new Cisco IP Communicator phone should have my old number and we should be able to use it as the physical 7940 Series phone.

If we make a call inside our network, it works fine and if we make a call from our mobile telephone to the 1595 number it also works fine. But if we tried to call our mobile telephone from our Cisco IP Communicator agent, we only get a strange continuous sound (a sort of triad).What are we doing wrong?

After wards when we change the 1595 number to 6651478 and the 15951 to 1595, it works fine again, and we call our mobile telephone.

  • There is no 'CallIing Search Space' configured on this DN.The CSS determines what this line can dial, whereas the partition determines what dial dial this line.
  • There are a few things to know about CSSs, but the main one would be that they are configured in two places - the 'Device' and the 'Line'. The two are used in conjunction, so since you have no CSS on the line, I'm assuming that your desk phone has a CSS assigned and the CIPC device does not; therefore when you move the line:
  • Line CSS (none) + CIPC CSS (none) = none or
  • Line CSS (none) + Phone CSS (Something) = something
  • So if you go to your CIPC config and set the same CSS as you have on your desk phone, you should get results.
  • As a side note, you could just configure the same DN on both phone and CIPC if you aren't running something incompatible with such a setup (such as UCCX). That way both will ring if they are connected and they'll share most properties. You'll still need to set the CSS on the CIPC.

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