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Friday, September 17, 2010

Cisco 7911g not booting

We've been given a 7911g to try to recover at home. since the company inherited them from a company that was going bust (we don't have Call Manager).The phone does appear to be attempting to talk to dhcp but doesen't seem to be booting, it just has the message light flashing every few seconds with a blank screen, as if there is no firmware on it at all but the fact it' seems to be looking for dhcp .We have purchased the cmterm firmware but since we are doing this at home on a windows box, we are little confused as to how we might be able to 'tell' the phone to look for the basic firmware. we've downloaded TFTPD, since that also includes a DHCP server, and we've set a number of different values, including setting option 66, but we have to admit we are a newbie to doing this. So far we have changed the .cop extension to tar.gz and extracted the files into the root of the TFTPD server, but so far have not been able to do anything, we can see from TFTPD logs that there is something making dhcp requests from the mac address of the phone.Is there any way for us to directly connect to the phone and somehow force the firmware onto it?


  • You'll need to set option 150 on the DHCP server to be the IP address of the TFTP server. Also make sure to specify the default router. You should then see the phone query the TFTP server for the firmware files. Make sure the firm ware is on your TFTP server and it supports the G phones.
  • Directly connect Windows box to the Cisco phone and set a fixed IP on the Windows machine, we used with a netmask of and gateway of .Placed the cisco firmware into a folder in the root of the C drive, we installed and ran TFTPD32 (make sure your firewalls are turned off and in my case we needed to disable all ethernet adapters including the vmware adapters).In settings of TFTPD32 we set the following values Base directory to the directory where the cisco firmware is. Under Global Settings we had only the following options set TFTP Server, Syslog Server and DHCP server, leave all other options off Under DHCP options I set Ping address before assignation to on, and persistant leases to on TFTP Security to 'Standard' TFTP Configuration as follows Timeout 3 Max Retransmit 6 Tftp port 69 Local ports pool is blank Advanced TFTP options had only the following items checked Option Negotiation Show Progress Bar Translate Unix File Names Bind TFTP to this address (you might want to have your ethernet cable plugged into the phone at this stage and the power on so you can set it to the same address as the fixed IP you set earlier. Click OK - you might need to restart TFTPD32 From here I restarted TFTP32D and click on DHCP Server tab The following values were set IP Pool starting address (set this to be in the same range as your fixed IP, in our case we started at 192,168.1.100) Size of pool = 10 (you might need to increase this range if your phone is looking for something beyond the range) Boot file is blank WINS/DNS Server (set this to the same IP as your fixed IP) Default Router (set this to the same IP as your fixed IP) Mask ( Domain Name - Blank Additional options (in the first box set this to 150 and leave the next box blank) Click Save From here you are ready to go. If your phone has it's power plugged in unplug it now, otherwise plugin your phone whilst holding down the hash key and keep that held down until your handset light starts to flash repeatedly, as soon as it's done this, let go. You might want to wait about 30 seconds for TFTPD32 to catch up with the network adapter state. Once you've left TFTPD32 catch up, on your phone type 123456789*0# and then wait, in my case the phone and server appeared to do nothing for a long time, so we left it and came back to it 20 mins later and the firmware is back on the phone.

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  1. can all this be done through a poe enabled switch as well?


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