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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How can the VGW be configured to forward the incoming call ?

Here is IPT network information: Head office: CCM v.4 server & Unity v.4 server->WAN->Remote site VGW, running MGCP. Outside callers dial remote site main number, call flow is carrier T1 CAS link ->Remote site VGW->Greeting->IP phone at remote site (A call handler, which is created in Unity server at head office, will play the greeting).How can we configure VGW to make it work? Our thought is : create translation rule on VGW-> main number replaced by the call handler extention number xxxx(eg. 1111), here how can the VGW be configured to forward the incoming call to 1111?

Since the gateway is configured as a MGCP gateway all the configurations will be handled by the Call Manager server at the head office. Basically all you need to do is create the AA in Unity and assign it an extension. Then you can create a CTI Route Point that does a forward all to Voicemail. The CTI Route Point should match the extension assigned to the AA in Unity. This keeps you from having to configure a call route in unity. If the extension doesn't match the DID coming into the remote site, then create a translation rule in Call Manager to translate the called number to the CTI Route Point that you created.

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