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Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to allow aef CRS script to take effect?

We modified the aef script in IPCC server. Unfortunately, after we saved it,it still behaves the old way. Is there anything that we should do to make the updated script to take effect?


  • Did you download the script from the server, then make your edits then go through the upload process? You cannot edit the script with the editor by pulling it out of the script repository and clicking save.
  • Or rather you can, but you then have to go around the various screens anyway to refresh the script into memory/local storage on each server.

Option 1 ) Go through the 'Script Management' page, upload, then hit 'Yes' to refresh script and the application. It should now be 'live'.

Option 2 ) Open from the Repo, save to the Repo. Script is not live. Go to Script Management, hit the 'refresh' icon for the edited script. Then go to 'Application Management' and hit 'refresh' for the application.

  • If it's still not live, there may be a problem... but in general it's easier overall if you go through the upload page as above suggested. It also means it's easier to keep a history of edited files without cluttering up the server (you can keep lots of versioned file names on your local disk and then 'Upload as...' the name already on the server so that you don't have 8000 files to scan through when picking scripts for applications or debugs).

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