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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to play MoH from Router at Remote Site without enabling SRST

Is it possible to play MoH from router at remote site, without actually configuring the SRST feature on the router (say Cisco 2811).

You need to configure the "call-manager-fallback" stanza to get to the moh commands on the router. Multicast is also required in this scenario because, basically, the cisco approach is a workaround. You are tricking devices into listening to a multicast address that you are "containing" to a remote site LAN topology. Thus all remote site devices use the same multicast address.

You will need these commands even though you don't want SRST.



multicast moh port 16384 route X.X.X.X

ip source address X.X.X.X port 2000 (maybe not needed)

& also

ccm music-on-hold

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