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Friday, September 24, 2010

How to setup and configure VOIP at home using Cisco 3660?

We are looking at getting some starter equipment to learn how to setup and configure VOIP at home. Currently we have a Cisco 3660, just two ethernet ports, an Cisco 2900XL switch and a Cisco 2600 router that is not in use right now. We also have a ASA 5505, that everything goes through for the internet. My question is what equipment do we need in order to setup a small working VOIP lab at home? We know we will need a VOIP phone or two, but what else would be needed with the setup we already have.


  • Grab a couple 7960s and you can run CME on that router if you run older code (I think up until 12.4(15)T has CME built on the 2600XM). I'd recommend two routers, perhaps, so you can trunk between them.
  • DSPs are what converts analog or digital audio from a POTS (telephony) interface into an RTP packet. For the 2600, DSPs will be in the NM-2V or NM-HDV card.
  • For a 2600XM, if you wanted to connect an analog phone: NM-2V with VIC-2FXS
  • If you wanted to connect an FXS port to another router, the other side would have: NM-2V with VIC-2FXO.
  • If you wanted to simulate a PRI between two devices, each side would need: NM-HDV with VIC-1MFT-T1.
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  1. is there have any voip for home use
    regards maria
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  2. i just use skype at home. it is great if have normal voip phone set connected to my broadband service. free/cheaper i guess.


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