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Friday, September 24, 2010

If the CFNA target of the CBG is AA how do you plan for calls to reach the GDM VM box?

We have a UC560 running 8.0.2 and we are using CCA 2.2.4 to configure it.We have a few questions regarding Call Blast Groups (CBG) and General Delivery Mailboxes (GDM).

1. When we create a GDM for a CBG there doesn't appear to be any MWI option. Is this correct, or are we missing something?
2. We would like to create CBG's that have CFNA go to the Auto Attendant, but we would also like a GDM associated with the extension of the CBG. It appears that these are mutually exculsive. Is this correct.

3. We would like to create CBG's that have CFNA to the Auto Attendant, but also create GDM's using the extensions of the CBG's with MWI (along with the MWI for the user) on the Primary Extensions of the users which are members of the CBG. This is for the AA after-hours option. We want calls to go to the GDM VM box so when members of the CBG come in the next morning, it is simply first-come-first-servered for access to the messages in the GDM. Is this possible?

Due to real-estate issues on the phones, we would prefer to not create "dummy" user shared-line extensions on the phones.


1. The only way the phones would be able to receive MWI for the GDM vm box is if there is a line appearance on the phones with the GDM pilot number. What some people do is create an ephoen-dn with the GDM pilot number and create a monitor line to that ephone-dn. However, this might not work in your case b/c if the ephone-dn has the same extension as the hunt pilot of the blast group it may conflict when someone tries to dial the pilot number.

2. That's correct. From a configuration stand point CCA would create a GDM when the CFNA target is VM. If it's set to AA it would not create a CUE GDM VM box.

3. If the CFNA target of the CBG is AA how do you plan for calls to reach the GDM VM box?

When there is a VM in the GDM CUE sends a MWI notification for the GDM extension or pilot. CUE does not send a separate MWI notification to each extension apart of the group. The only way that each phone would be able to have their MWI lit or an envelop icon displayed on their phone is if there is a line appearance of the GDM extension on each phone that you want to receive the notification for.

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