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Thursday, September 23, 2010

IP Phone 6921: How can we downgrade from 9-0-3-0 to 8-5-3-0?

We have some IP Phones 6921 with firmware 9-0-3-0 and we would like to downgrade their firmware to 8-5-3-0. Although the TFTP server is correctly loaded with the 8-5-3-0 firmware files, the 6921 doesn't downgrade to it. If it isn't possible, is there a way to completely delete the firmware and download a new one on the 6921, similarly to what explained in Cisco's web page for 7906s and 7911s?

Once you load an unsigned image, the next upgrade or downgrade has to be to a SIGNED Firmware image. For example

You have one 6921 on 9.0.2 unsigned FW, I would recommend you to upgrade all your new 6921s to 9.0.3(unsigned) and then once every 6921 is on unsigned **image, you can go ahead an load 9.0.3 *signed *and upgrade all of them together. Please note that a new 6921 runs 8.5.4 which needs to be upgraded to an *unsigned *image (9.0.2 or 9.0.3) first.
You can download the appropriate locale files (cisco login required) from here.

Here are some pointers on the locale install.

Please note that Cisco Unified Communications Locale Installer *MUST* be installed on every Cisco Unified Communications Manager server in a cluster, starting with the publisher. After installation has completed,it is essential to reboot the platform in order for all user and network locale changes to become fully activated.(Please click here access the install locale instructions). If the previous download doesn't work, then try cm-locale-fr_FR- FR locale) which has the FR locale for allthe phones for CUCM 7.1.5. NOTE: * The full Cisco Unified Communications Locale Installer for Cisco Unified Communications Manager must beinstalled prior to installation of Phone Only locale.*(Please click here for the CUCM Locale Installer ). CUCM Locale installer file names start with *cm-locale*. and phone locale installer file namesstarts with *po-locale*.

As per the information given by you, You have a locale issue with the 6921s. So try the po-locale first. If that doesn't work then try the cm-locale upgrade. Please be aware that there is bug CSCtf40828 . Please click here for the bug details (Cisco login required).

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