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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Phones registering in Secondary Server Cisco CUCM

We have a client with 3 CUCM Servers, and yesterday all the Main Site Phones fail over to the secondary server in the CM Group.
The CM Group looks like this:

1.- (Sub1).
2.- (Sub2).
3.- (Pub).

Right now all the phones a registered to the Sub2 Server. We checked the services in the Sub1 and everything looks fine. Why the phones are not failing back to the Primary Server (Sub1). Is there any way to force the failback?

You can restart the call manager service on the sub1 and it should clear any issue, the switchover will be automatic, but if it is still the same, try resetting one phone and see if it registers to sub1, if it does, then you need to have the phones restarted. Also (if needed) resetting the device pool re-register everything according to the group but it's an off hours activity for sure.

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