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Sunday, October 3, 2010

How do we create a new Account in Cisco CCM 5.0 ?

We have CCM 5.0 with Administration Account .We would like to create CCM new account for new trainee engineer with limited access i.e Standard CCM Phone Administration , ccm Admin users and ccm phone Management only - adding new ip Phone change the existing user name and extension only. How do we create a new CCM Account with the above limited Access.

The role and user group menu options in the Cisco Unified CallManager Administration User Management menu allow users with full access to configure different levels of window access for Cisco Unified CallManager administrators. Users with full access configure roles, user groups, and access privileges for roles. In general, full-access users configure the access of other users to Cisco Unified CallManager Administration.

User groups comprise lists of application users and end users. A user may belong to multiple user groups. After you add a user group, you then add users to a user group. Afterward, you may proceed to assign roles to a user group. If a user belongs to multiple user groups, the MLA permission enterprise parameter determines the effective privilege of the user. Please click here for further details on User Group Configuration.

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