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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What is the best way to design and architect Unity Connection VM Port ?

The SRND and Unity Connection design isnt making sense to me and would really like some assistance clarity to flesh this out.How many port groups and prefixes we need for a unity Connection Cluster (CoW) with 4 CUCM servers


1. Unity Connection Cluster7.1.3 (COW) spit across data centre A&B UCServerA------WAN-------UCServerB
1. 144 ports available to each server
2. 4 x CUCM Subscriber Servers split across the same two data center 2 x CUCM subscribers in each DC
3. 2 redundant 1:1 CUCM groups

1. Sub1A-DCA-----------WAN----------------Sub2A-DCB
2. Sub1B-DCA-----------WAN----------------Sub2B-DCB
4. Phones are registerd to two different CUCM groups providing 1:1 redundancy

1. 1st CUCM group having Sub1A as primary Sub2A as secondary [ phones register to Sub1A then fail to Sub2A
2. 2nd CUCM group having Sub1B as primary Sub2B as secondary [ phones register to Sub1B then fail to Sub2B
5. How many port groups do we need to register within unity connection to service the two CUCM groups?

1. For example UCServerA could we have - one Prefix UCM1 register 72 Connection ports with Sub1A using Sub2A as secondary
2. The other 72 ports on UCServerA use prefix of UCM2 and register with Sub1B using Sub2B as secondary
3. Then do the same with ports on the secondary Unity Connection server but using prefix UCM3 and UCM4 to register the ports
6. what is the best way to architect this

You only need 2 port groups to accomplish this. The first is for the Unity Connection Subscriber, the second is the for the Unity Connection Publisher. So, you'd have prefixes of "UCMx" and "UCMy" based on your example. Essentially, you would configure all of the ports for the Unity Connection subscriber and they'd all be associated with a single port group. From within CUC, you can enter the advanced telephony options and enter the CUCM servers that the ports should register to in order of preference. You can enter multiple servers in priority order on the port group. You can do the same for AXL servers (if used) and TFTP server preference. You would then do the same for the Publisher. One port group with all the associated port and then at the port group level, you control the CUCM registration preference.

Within CUCM, you would have 2 line groups (one for Sub, one for Pub) and the Hunt List would prefer Sub then Pub. Then just remember to account for dedicating MWI ports on each server and they should not be in either line group.

It sounds as if you prefer trying to register some ports with every CUCM server - is this due to concerns over topology or the failover of ports between servers?

Whats the relationship between the CUCM group and VM ports in CUCM V's Unity Connection advanced option where we enter the CUCM servers.

Generally speaking, the what you put in Unity Connection should match the CUCM group preferences.

What happens if phones register to say - Subscriber 4 and no voice mail ports are regsitered to it. How does this work?

Phones do not reach VM based on where ports are registered. They use a VM profile which specifies a pilot number that ultimately sends calls to a hunt list that contains VM ports.

What role does the CUCM group play in CUCM on the voice ports?

It plays the same role as it does for phones. It is a prioritized list of CUCM servers to which ports should register and failover to. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary.

Also i was thinking that if we have multiple locations we could break the ports down into separate prefixes and assign large locations there own port group. Could have separate device pools and reset groups of ports, is there any point doing this?

If you were doing multiple integrations (different CUCM or PBX clusters), then could seeing breaking it down further...but you're not.

Should we just use the approach you outlined and have all locations use the whole lot of ports- what about Direct inward dial for VM dialin should we create hunt pilots for these for each location and point to the two line groups in HL?

You could do multiple Hunt Pilots (using DID) and provide site-specific access to VM or some of my customers simply purchase a 1-800 number that all sites can use for VM access. Make sure your Hunt List points to 2 Line Groups (Subscriber first, Publisher second). Also make sure to dedicate ports for MWI ( use a 25% rule) and DO NOT put those ports in the line group for either server. If you experience any issues (you are doing CoW) then you can work to tweak from there...but no need to make it more complicated than it needs to be upfront.

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