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Monday, November 15, 2010

Having direct p2p gig link connectivity between two sites. Does it cause any issues?

Our existing DR site is set to same area as Data center (area 0). IP address scheme is different than DC. We are planning to move this DR to new location. We are thinking of set up the new site in different area than backbone. We will be having direct p2p gig link connectivity between two sites. Will that be ok or cause any issues?


Areas in OSPF should be deployed if you are planning to do at least one of the following optimizations:

Summarize networks

  • Limit or filter the amount of unnecessary routing information
  • Reduce the size/complexity of the link-state database
  • Contain the scope of propagation of topology changes

Creating areas just for the sake of having the routing domains partitioned into areas is generally not necessary. It shall be noted that in OSPF, simply partitioning the network into several areas does not result into loss of reachability. All networks and destinations will remain reachable, only perhaps suboptimal routing can occur (packets taking a longer route than necessary) - this strongly depends on the topology and on the area borders. So in this point of view, there are no issues to consider.

Personally, I suggest that instead of looking whether creating an area creates an issue, you should try to analyze if there is a compelling reason to create another area. If there is then create it - I do not expect any outstanding issues to come. However, if there is no special reason to create another OSPF area, I would probably just suggest remaining in a single-area configuration which is generally simpler and perhaps somewhat easier to maintain and troubleshoot.

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