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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How can we get the serial port information for an H.323 call into the call record?

We are running several CUCM clusters -- 7.1.3 -- and have enabled CDR on all. We sftp the records to our third party CDR vendor who is Avotus. We have hit a problem with Avotus which seems to be caused by the way CDR records are generated in CUCM. Configuration of one site that we are using to try and solve this issue:

2 - 3845 voice gateways each 3845 supports 8 PRI's connected to serial interfaces we have three carriers providing PRI services for this site. We spread the PRI's across both voice gateways to minimize outages if one fails (each voice gateway has PRI's for all three carriers).

The issue is:

A cdr record has the IP address of the voice gateway as the "destDeviceName" regardless of which serial interface actually routed the call. The bulk of our gateways are H.323 however we do have two that tie to Nortel PBX's using QSIG (which is great for CDR because the actual serial interface is noted as the "destDeviceName" in the CDR record) but we do not want to convert everything to MGCP.

Avotus actually told us that the only way to get reliable traffic / usage reporting using their services was to dedicate a voice gateway to each carrier rather than mix them on one. This does not seem to be a practical solution and would require a lot more hardware as this is a typical set up for us.

We have not been able to come up with any solution to this problem. If Avotus could use the partition information in the CDR record we might be able to combine that with the gateway IP to "guess" what PRI was used but it's not ideal.

Has anyone come across this? Any ideas on how / if we can get the serial port information for an H.323 call into the call record?


Unfortunately, there is no way to get the serial port information for an H323 call into the CDR.

The call handling for an outbound H323 call (i.e. from IP phone to PSTN) is as follows:

- The CUCM sends the call to the H323 GW.

- The call will match an inbound Voip dialpeer on the H323 GW.

- The GW then dispatches this call to the PSTN based on the outbound POTS dial peer that is matched. The GW never sends any corresponding information to the CUCM. Hence, CUCM never knows the exact PRI that is used when the call exits the gateway towards the PSTN side.

The only information that CUCM has is the H323 GW's IP address (which is what is reported in the CDR).

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