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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How do we avoid that calls to internal numbers go through gateway

How do we enable it so that if an internal user at DN 1234, want to call 2345, but are entering the full 0 + 8 digit dial string, does not go through the GW.

( we are using 4 digit for internal calls, 8 for external + 0 ) . Some of the internal users are entering the full dial string, as if they where to call local extension. We want the Translation Pattern , to be set up so that if an internal caller, want to dial another internal user, and he is entering 0 + 8 digit, then my CUCM should strip some digits of, and see that this is meant to be an call from internal to internal users. We know that this should be possible. We are using 4 CSS. Int, Norm, Foreign and All.


You need to use translation patterns. Create a new translation pattern in the same partition as your phone directory numbers. For each DID range that you have enter the full number that a user would dial to reach the phones including the 8 access code and XXXX for the last four digits. Assign a Calling Search space that allows the translation pattern access to the partition containing the phone directory numbers. Enter XXXX as the Called Party Transformation Mask. The image below shows a translation pattern configured on CUCM 7 configured as described above - CCM4 should be similar.

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